Snowy Mountains Panorama  
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A late afternoon photo.  It is a compilation of 9 images.  The "hill" second from the left is Australia's highest Mountain - Mt Kosciuszko.  Looking north into the Snowy River valley and to Charlottes Pass.  Thredbo ski resort is in the valley to the extreme right.  Please respect my copyright on this image but I did post it big to share with you why this place is so special.  For international visitors, Australia is an old continent and it's mountains are mostly worn down by millions of years of erosion, because where it sits on a tectonic plate means it does not have the pointy tall mountains caused by the different plates bumping into each other such as in New Zealand, Europe, northern India and the western Americas.  The only "pointy" mountains are in Tasmania and they are all less than 1700 metres.

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